Flywoodpaper's art dump
Flywoodpaper's art dump
Flywoodpaper's art dump

🐝 31/10/2022 🐝

Happy Halloween! Been thinking about it and maybe cataloging or writing down thoughts really is a good way to keep up with art and self-improvement. So I might as well make a lil list of some things I need to add to this site to make it a little better.

🐝 30/10/2022 🐝

Been a hot minute since the last update but a big thank you to everyone who came by October Komiket 2022!

🐝 18/08/2022 🐝
Contact me at, or @flywoodpaper on Twitter, Payments to my email address on paypal or through my kofi page
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-Added some stuff to miscelleny page

🐝 31/07/2022 🐝

Added a few more images to my art page.

🐝 30/07/2022 🐝

Comics page now updated!!! there's actually comics there!!! hot damn check it out here!!!.

🐝 29/07/2022 🐝

Added some stuff to Art page, thinking about how to make it decent or at least not a loading nightmare lmao.

🐝 23/07/2022 🐝

Website construction under way!!!